Edge of Extinction

Edge of Extinction is my first novel.  The idea first started to form 20 years ago and the final version was written about 3 years ago.  .

Edge of Extinction   by Kristen Stone


Deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle live an undiscovered tribe of Chachinka Indians.  These people live a happy and contented stoneage life, totally unaware of the world outside the jungle or of any other Indians living in the jungle.

They are led by a man they call Kianda Mala.  In their language this means Monkey Man.  He was given this name because he has a prehensile tail.  He was brought to the village as a baby by a girl who had been acting as servant to an explorer.  The village had prospered since his arrival but after the villagers start treating him like a living jungle god things start to go wrong.  People became ill and many die.  Then Kianda notices that all the fish in the river are dead and he sets out to find out what is wrong.

His search leads him to a mine that is polluting the river.  He is captured by one of the mine workers, Jon Matthews, who takes him to a local female doctor, Hannah, for treatment on a persistent abscess that will not heal.  The doctor calls in an anthropologist who brings with him his own servant who just happens to be from the Chachinka tribe.  This enables Kianda to communicate with his captors and he tells them what is happening back at the village.  Shocked by what is happening they agree to help ...

This story follows Kianda from the stoneage into the 21st century, shows him learning new things while clinging to his tribal beliefs and his determination to help his adopted people.    

Here are some extracts of reviews this book has received on Amazon

…….. It gets you so far inside the head of Kianda Mala that even wearing clothes in public begins to feel weird and uncomfortable (don't worry, I haven't done anything about it yet) and Western civilisation begins to look .... well not very civilised at all.
…. This is a very humane, quietly sophisticated and precisely conceived book with a pleasingly developed love interest that will sweep you effortlessly from the first page through to the last and you will feel that you have read something thoroughly worthwhile at the end of it too.
Tim Le Roux  author of Harry Walker's Wife

This is a wonderful read. 
Kianda Mala is a terrific character and the author does a great job with describing his habitat, placing the reader within it. 
A wonderfully imaginative story from start to finish that in parts touches the reader. 
Mel Comley  author of Impeding Justice and Final Justice

Kirsten Stone has an original mind. Her characters, although so unusual both in their setting and in the imaginative creativity which has produced the story of a different race, are real and easy to relate to. We almost find ourselves believing that it's strange for a baby to have no tail…. This is a book which deserves to be read by many, and I
hope and expect that it will be soon.
Gerry McCulloch  author of Belfast Girls

Edge of Extinction is a poignant novel about an undiscovered Amazon tribe whose leader, Kianda Mala, fights to save the lives of his people against all odds……Kristen Stone does a masterful job of bringing Kianda and his community to life. ….. A compelling read, rich with details of aboriginal life, exploring human nature from all angles of the world - I highly recommend this novel!
Kim Jewel author of Misery’s Fire and the Justice Series for YA 

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